Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering is one of the core branches of engineering.  It gives an insight into the construction of  Domestic & Industrial Buildings, Dams & Canals, Roads & Bridges, etc. Including their Planning,  Designing,  Estimation and Execution.

The Curriculum includes a thorough knowledge of

  • Concrete Technology;
  • Transportation Engg;
  • Material Testing;
  • Surveying;
  • Geology;
  • Environmental Engg;
  • Engineering Drawing;
  • Fluid Mechanics;
Course Name Intake Duration Choice Code
Civil Engineering 60 3 years 536419110

Civil Engineers are employed in Private Construction Companies, Govt. Departments like CPWD, PWD, etc or with Professionals such as  Builders, Contractors, Consultants, etc. Given the inherent continual need for construction work in a developing country like ours, Civil Engineers are always in great demand. The Department has an intake capacity of 60 students with General Choice Code536419110.