Womens Committee

This is committee established to enhance the power of women's in college campus.The Supreme Court of India in its August 13, 1997 judgment in Vishakha &others vs. State of Rajasthan & others makes it obligatory for every employer and other responsible persons to follow the guidelines laid down by the Court and to evolve a specific policy to combat sexual harassment in the workplace. Educational institutions are bound by the same directive.

Mission is to provide guidelines for protection of women's.Any one can register their compliments to this committee and ask for followup an given case. The guilty person will be taken under action.


1. To fulfill the directive of the Supreme Court of India enjoining all employees to develop and implement a policy against Sexual harassment of women at work place.

2. To prevent gender discrimination and sexual harassment by promoting gender equality among all University employees.

3. To promote a social, physical and psychological environment that will raise awareness about and deter acts of sexual harassment of women.

4. To ensure implementation of laid down procedures including the constitution of appropriate committees for purpose of gender sensitization and to conduct enquiries into complaints of sexual harassment.

5. To recommend punitive action against the guilty to the M.D.